Does The Aqua Hammock accommodate all sizes? Yes, The Aqua Hammock can be used by people of all sizes. The Aqua Hammock has been designed and engineered to comfortably fit everybody.

Is it true that The Aqua Hammock is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back? Yes, we are so confident that you’ll love The Aqua Hammock that we guarantee it or your money back!

Is the travel bag small enough to fit in my carry-on? Yes, you can easily fit The Aqua Hammock travel bag in any carry-on! It’s so small that most carry-on bags could hold at least 2 of The Aqua Hammocks.

I have weak lung capacity. Am I going to be able to inflate the tubes? Yes, inflating the tubes does not involve much stress on the lungs. When creating The Aqua Hammock, we wanted to make sure this was a portable, comfortable and easy to manage product.

What happens if I pop a tube? Have no worries! With every Aqua Hammock purchase, you are provided with a self-adhesive patch kit. By peeling off the back side, you can easily apply it to the hole on the tube!

Can the material of The Aqua Hammock tear easily? No, the material of The Aqua Hammock does not tear easily. The Aqua Hammock is made of a robust nylon mesh fabric that encases both air tubes for protection and durability!

If I don’t have a credit card, can I still buy The Aqua Hammock? Yes, of course! When exiting the checkout, make sure to go ahead and use our PayPal option!

What do I do if I’m having problems loading the videos? If you’re having problems loading the videos, make sure to double check your internet connection. If your connection is poor, we recommend that you exit the High Definition version of the video by clicking the small HD button at the bottom right corner of the Vimeo screen.

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